The Origins of Polarity Therapy and European Neuromuscular Technique.

Includes the Notebooks of Dr Randolph Stone.
236 pages


In this volume, which includes a faithful reproduction of Dewanchand Varma’s original book on Pranotherapy, the reader can trace the growth of one of the early developmental branches of modern manual therapy and learn something of the lives of two of its early pioneers. 

Varma’s work has branched into two major forks. One fork was created by Stanley Lief  ND DC who studied with Varma in the 1930s and who went on to create European Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) and the other was developed by Dr Randolph Stone DO DC ND, a pioneer in energy medicine, who was also strongly influenced by Varma’s work. Stone was the founder of Polarity Therapy which shares many similarities with Neuromuscular Technique but has, to this day, maintained more of the original vitalistic approach that Varma taught. This book also includes the previously unpublished notebooks of Dr Randolph Stone written in the early 1970s at the end of his teaching career. Euro price equivalent €22.95

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