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Saturday 27th February

2pm Eastern USA - 7pm UK - 8pm Europe (90min)


Polarity Therapy:  The Five Elements and Stress Science
with John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.

The five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are fundamental to the practice of Polarity. Although we understand them in terms of the Chakras they are also archetypes that are fundamental to modern stress science. The term stress is often times used to denote something distressful however in stress science the term stress means change and our ability to adapt to change. When we fail to adapt to change we experience distress and the physiology of distress. When we adapt to change we experience eustress and the physiology of euphoria. The five elements are the common denominator of all life changes. The ability to shift into different element combinations in order to meet life challenges is fundamental to health and wellbeing and 100% congruent with modern stress science research and practice. This is the basis of Dr. Stone’s statement that obstacles are God’s design to make man/woman with a spine.

Please watch John's video Sound, Yoga, and The Five Elements as a preparation for class on the link below


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Can you hear the world
struggling for its breath?
Can you feel its tears
rushing through your lungs?
Do you share its fears?

Lend your breath to the world.
Fill its lungs with raging hope
and see serenity shining through
the eye of the storm.

no storm’s meant to last.
This one too is here to upset,
to question,
to teach,
and shall eventually pass

Lucas K